“The Kiss” by Klimt is the inspiration for forte_forte's Spring collection, focusing on the gentle and sensual embrace.

March 21, 2024

The forte_forte Spring 2024 RTW collection entitled “Le Baiser” focuses on dimensions where masculine and feminine become one, merging together in an eternal symbiotic synergy.

Light yellow tones of twill, satin and light–colored crepon mix with silvery touches and tints of light blue punctuated by the purity of white and black of linens and cottons drawing a new and orderly harmony. Gold glimmers with flower petals woven in micro–jacquard motifs and light embroidered voile narrate a new, rediscovered femininity. Soft and fresh shapes, pure and clean silhouettes, evoke this newfound delicacy even in the masculine–inspired accents. Sensual slip dresses and soft, refined tulle skirts as symbols of purity.

In the background of this heavenly garden, bright tones of paradise greens mix with the clean lilacs of linens and silks, along with contemporary touches of ruby on starry satins. Again, textured jacquards on small vests and prints like dreamy atmospheres: magical symbolisms that unite heaven and earth. Iridescent taffetas and shimmering lurex chiffons worn as impalpable shiny surfaces. Reds are tinged with new pulsations, mixing with rosy tones and fuchsia.

Crochet touches and knitted openwork lead back to the sweet purity of exquisite handcrafted, pure and elegant. Little by little, the magic of the night falls. An infinite starry sky made of deep nuances of black and blue and shiny touches of gold and crystal, reassuring all things and embracing everything with peaceful beauty.

Rough and powerful sculptures, gold modelled by sand and wind, diamonds and pearls set in organic chains. A shower of shooting stars for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and crystal fringes that shimmer at the slightest glance.

The evening is dressed in vibrant satins expressed in iconic ankle boots, open–toe mules and sandals; the boxeurs in shiny laminated gold and fluorescent satin. We find new slides, mules and espadrilles, in the renewed and unique “forte_forte loves manebì” capsule. The new wedges with luminous velvet or pure cotton ribbon to be gently tied at the ankle join the sophisticated thong sandal, enriched by the lamé lurex and viscose string, or by the precious silk ribbon with hand–embroidered crystals.

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