Since its launch in 2014, Les Façons has been at the cutting edge of digital media. Our pioneering platform has been the industry leader for technological, editorial, and commercial innovation, often setting precedents that become the market standard.

Les Façons is the world’s most intuitive, interactive, and technologically advanced digital title, delivering a uniquely immersive experience that targets a specific luxury niche who aspire to a life of style.

Our readers are avid travellers, frequent shoppers, and social influencers, who visit to shop online to explore the latest in international fashion news from the world’s most coveted designer brands.

From dedicated emails to branded videos to socially charged custom-content programs, Les Façons has a wide selection of solutions to suit every client’s goal. Whether it be to generate social buzz, to drive traffic, or to push sales online and in-store, we have a strong stable of case studies to assist our clients in delivering for almost any part of their marketing and media mix.

We strive to work with forward-thinking partners to create dynamic online experiences. To propel your brand to our engaged and growing audience, contact us about our offered opportunities of highly interactive advertorial content of integrated partnerships.