forte_forte reveals a Cruise collection where boundaries vanish, nuances mute and soften the elements.

January 25, 2024

The forte_forte Resort 2024 collection sees fabrics and surfaces become softer, volumes eschew excessively defined shapes, and colors fade into poudre or creamy hues.

A mélange of branches, sprays of flowers, petals and leaves rest on iconic chenille and lurex jacquard. A choreography of iridescent fireflies caresses impalpable silk chiffon jacquard. pistils and crystals pierce chic taffeta. Vibrant nature shows herself with delicate overlays on the perfectly poetic “heaven”, “herbarium” and “essentia” prints. Shimmering veils of Aurora Borealis color nuanced silk crepon. A cosmos of sequins, like stars, lay on hand–cut tulle netting.

A heavenly spirit in heavenly colors: serenity and equilibrium are sublimated by a palette of refreshing skydust, aquatic, ice lime and lavender nuances, punctuated by shades of cocoa and sweet choco. Crystalline energy wafts through alternating delicate petal, daffodil and bubble rose culminating with the timeless elegance of ivory and whipped cream, along with honey and sunset combined with a vibrant cocktail and majestic brushstrokes.

Bijoux are unfinished and powerful sculptures, gold moulded by sands and winds, diamonds and pearls set on organic chains. Showers of shooting stars for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and crystal fringes shimmer at the slightest glance.

Iconic nappa leather ankle boots, refreshed with a golden sculpted heel, are now joined by open-toe mules. mules and espadrilles are featured in printed python, draped in craquelé lamé leather or with luxurious hand braiding. The evening is adorned with bright satins as featured on iconic booties, mules and sandals.

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.


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