Discover the Pre-Fall collection energized by Felice Lizzi Rix-Ueno's folkloristic yet modern universe.

July 11, 2024

The Akris Pre-Fall 2024 collection is Albert Kriemler’s creative epilogue to a spring inspired by the oeuvre of Wiener Werkstätte artist Felice Lizzi Rix-Ueno.

Birds, stars and tassels were Lizzi’s preferred motifs – everything that is light, delicate, and floats inhabits her folkloristic, yet modern universe. Case in point, these seasonal prints, the Rooster and Kasuri Birds, illustrate the vibrant simplicity that pervade the collection.

Lizzi’s kaleidoscopic mix of materials celebrated the spirit of individual expression through clashing colors and myriad shapes. Her blue birds were a design for Kasuri, a term for a Japanese textile that is woven with fibers specifically dyed prior to create images in the fabric. Her designs was ruled by joy, a lust for life, and, most of all her fantasy and her bold, witty rooster bonbonniere that was turned upside-down for adde fun. The tassel became her beloved item and was added to sleek shapes to create tension and a vibrating effect and reworked to give it a more elevated and refined feel. The stars give pattern, twinkle, and surprise to jacquards and prints in this collection.

A sense of balance with nature, as the dedication to craft and creating objects for life, are the affinities with Japan, where Lizzi lived and worked for the latter part of her life and the inspirations for Pre-Fall 2024 originate from this period.

Poetic, elegant, yet pared-down pieces, that suggest a woman gets to decide for herself how she is seen. Not just as a style statement, but a narrative reflecting the inner world of the multifaceted modern woman. The collection is about the confidence that comes from being unapologetically yourself — truly believing in the allure of the individual.

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