The new season, titled Starlight, is a coming together of glances, set on the dance floor, rocking to eclectic cross–cultural notes.

March 30, 2023

The forte_forte summer 2023 RTW collection is a dazzling, electro journey into the alluring rhythm of music.

The collection focuses on iridescent jacquards, laminated nylons and lurex fil coupé that are like sparkling shooting stars; they mix with chic linen pinstripes and couture suits. Smooth satins and shiny surfaces swing to the rhythm of slinky fringed pareos. We imagine kaleidoscope prints mixed with dreamy silk chiffon, shimmering satin stripes coupled with sprinklings of stars and embroidered pearls.

On that special night of desire, we can wear sequins drawn like celestial constellations, macramé weaves made out of hand–knotted threads, crystals cascades on unique denim pieces and precious evening jackets.The cool and dandy fringed pajamas are worn in an endless array of silk and patterned tones; lips, taffy, pearl, emerald, electric; these are the new daytime uniforms. Chic total black dances alongside bright touches of neon and lollypop, and brings this new summer soundtrack a contemporary sophistication.

Jewelry are bold sculptures made of molded gold, diamonds and pearls mounted on chains. Stars cascade over necklaces, bracelets, earrings and crystal fringes, for the new sparkling cloche hats and crystal brassiere, to be mixed with eclectic beads in infinite colors. the electrifying rhythm of this music emerges in the hand–crochet micro “adele” purse in stretch pop–colors, and in the striped straw bucket bags. the new fab beach tote in quilted lamé are juxtaposed with those iconic little mobile purses in leather and crochet. Belts created from long fringes become graphic pareos to be worn over pants and dresses.

For footwear, slides and mules in silver or gold craquelé lamé, draped and knotted; alongside, new sandals and chic flip–flops are presented in new materials: fluo technical braiding rope, or beautifully studded with precious crystals. Manebì’s iconic espadrillas is featured in a new unique and special version.

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.


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