forte_forte gets swept away by intimate settings and vibrant notes in the Cruise collection titled Unplugged.

January 26, 2023

The forte_forte Resort 2023 collection goes back to its roots; essence, purity, back to the source of energy. This season is inspired by chiaroscuro of intimate settings, tinkling cymbals, rhythms punctuated by dusty boots, a car and a chest full of dreams. The elusive horizon between two oceans: sky and earth are reflected in one another, endless optical illusions, silvery reflections of mirages in the desert.

Barren stretches of sand, rocky gorges and majestic coastlines modulate a palette for the collection of pure whites, gilded gold sand, scorching canyons and frothy ocean and breeze. Warm golds and sunsets shimmer with vibrant coppery orange, soft poudre and amber caramel reflections.

Jacquard chenille and sequins, like snapshots of rolling waves and nocturnal galaxies; a splash of shimmering fringes like shooting stars; super–clean nappa leather and craquelé laminated suede, like exquisite metallic fringes; sun–baked, almost bleached textile surfaces; snake jacquard, bleached cotton–linen denim, old–dyed cloth in mineral tones; crepon jacquard satins, unfinished elegance; lurex plissé tulle in emerald, sapphire and black gold tones; “loving guitar” georgette as delicate and poetic as plucking silver-plated strings; “wild horses” print on satin and voile, a zebra–striped cloak left to fade in the desert sun, mementos of a journey to paradise city.

Bijoux seem to have emerged from the bowels of the earth: rough and powerful sculptures, gold modelled by sand and wind, diamonds and pearls set in organic chains. A shower of shooting stars for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and crystal fringes, vibrating with every note. Leather and shining, opposites that attract, to be paired in eclectic mixes with multi–coloured beads.

This magical atmosphere is complemented by the iconic ankle boots in plain nappa leather and the new pure white animalier in printed calfskin. Alongside the new boxeur rock boots in mesh and suede, to reveal new slides and mules in suede and craquelé lamé, silver or gold, draped and knotted, to grace the stage every day.

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