Balenciaga opens its first store in Saint-Tropez as part of a plan to renovate a number of stores worldwide.

June 22, 2022

Balenciaga opened a new location in the coastal town of Saint-Tropez, marking its first in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of Southern France.

Continuing to build on its upscale legacy for the contemporary world, the store features a stripped-down interior and restored façade of the exterior to show case the brand’s Raw Architecture design concept. The concept was first introduced in September 2021 and has seen the renovation changs to Balenciaga stores across the world. The new store continue Demna’s design ethos to “instill a sense of temporality and permanence in the present experience.” The store’s deliberately unfinished design features glass, concrete and stainless steel to create a dominating space that gives the interior an industrial feel.

The exterior is starkly contrasted with the warm colors and shutered windows that blends the Balenciaga Saint-Tropez store with its French coastal town surroundings. The front of the space featurs a curtain made with upcycled Balenciaga T-Shirts by Mexico City-based artist Pia Camil, that greets visitors at the entrance. The deconstructed space is left bare with appliances and concrete walls deliberately stained and damaged as the structure of the store. The brand’s minimalistic aesthetic is also seen expressed in the metal shelves and pipe-like racks to create clean, geometric lines throughout the store.


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