The new forte_forte boutique in cannes is a mineral box lit with marine reflections.

June 30, 2021

The new forte_forte boutique in Cannes, located at 27 rue du Commandant André, a few steps from La Croisett, is immersed in the sunny holiday atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur, absorbing its bright and sparkling light.

The entrance, on the corner, cuts the natural light, welcoming its glow and geometrizing it. The space is in fact conceived as a box of mineral colors and marine transparencies, made entirely of a material of pure invention: an agglomeration composed of a light gray concrete base that surrounds a white stone with the appearance of bright salt crystals and deep jade green crystals.

The furniture, entirely made by italian artisans, consists, among other things, of curved wooden chairs covered with gold leaf, with perforated leather cushions. The sense of intimacy finally solidifies in the dressing rooms conceived as boudoirs, closed by brass hinged doors and divided by a movable curtain that allows one to remodel the space. A spiral staircase with suspended steps, located behind the cash desk in a circular frame, leads to the first floor, where the warehouse is housed. The space is dreamlike, and bright.

The collection has grown over the years into a complete proposal made of beautiful materials left free to express their personality. Colors are refined, pure forms welcome the body without constraints. Light imperfections emphasize honesty and humanity. The same traits and personality define the boutiques opened since 2018 in Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Rome, Forte dei Marmi and Cannes. Places that are never overbearing, that welcome and caress, dissolving the distance between the space and the person.

Forte_forte is a hub of sensations and emotions permeated by a sense of timeless classicism. It keeps evolving, staying true to the spirit of the beginnings.


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