Explore Annoushka's journey into their multi-sensory world of fine jewelry reflecting the ocean's reef.

October 3, 2019

Each jewel in the Annoushka Fall 2019 Hidden Reef collection is a celebration of the range of textures found in a reef, from plant-life burnished by the motion of the waves to the patterned surface of a piece of rock.

“I was in the Philippines, a place very close to my heart, when the idea for Hidden Reef came to me,” said designer Annoushka Ducas. “I have been visiting the Philippines since I was a young woman, and the sea there is just extraordinary, bustling with creatures and color and these fascinatingly intricate forms. I decided I had to make a collection that honors the intense variety of life on the seabed, this unique ecology that we so rarely get to see.”

Diamonds and sapphires are clustered in organic formations on jewels that subtly imitate the movements of the reef. An exquisite cuff features fine gold filaments decorated with orange and pink sapphires that reach across the wrist like coral fronds, while a ring comprising multiple, moving bands of textured gold and sprinkled with sapphires is reminiscent ofa shell structure. Traditional fishing nets made of natural rope fibres are referenced in a limited edition ring and bracelet made of supremely soft gold links, each one individually soldered, with cups that recall the suckers on an octopus tentacle. Golden pearls from Iloilo nestle inside diamond-accented gold nets that dangle playfully from the earlobes. Hidden Reef shines a light on a little seen living environment, transporting the wearer to a magical, fragile world.”

The sea is a vital part of Annoushka’s life and work, and her connection to the Philippines spans nearly thirty years. It is where she commissioned her first piece of jewelry, a cufflink in the shape of a fish that was gifted by her beloved mother, who owned a fish business, to the chefs she supplied. Annoushka sources all of her golden pearls directly from fishermen in Iloilo, a place devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Inspired by the coral and rock under the sea, but using only 18 carat yellow gold, sapphires and pearls, the Annoushka Fall 2019 Hidden Reef collection is both an ode to life beneath the waves and a quiet reminder of the need to preserve and protect the sea’s delicate habitat.

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