Seduction is a game played in turns in the Rene Caovilla Spring collection.

May 9, 2019

Legends and tradition of bygone Italian royalty meet with the grit and glamour of modernity in the René Caovilla Spring 2019 collection.

Making a new and bold statement with the Maison’s iconic VENEZIANA – Rhinestones in soft delectable pastel shades reflects the restless glamour of the VENETIAN lagoon, like moonlight in teardrops, each of which is meticulously hand-mounted on glass-alike PVC with pearl-finished leather edge-binding. VENEZIANA is once again repurposed for an audacious retro-futuristic look for the René Caovilla Spring 2019 collection.

For modern women with an eye for details, the Maison gives the OPANCA series, namely TESSA, a summer makeover. Enchanted with mobility and versatility, its minimalist design combined with uber-comfort, the TESSA-OPANCA series from neutral and vibrant hues is the perfect match in every way, from “Day-to-Night” for every “Career-Woman”

Driven by the Maison’s untiring desire for perseverance and excellence, the iconic CLEO, the snake spiral bracelet design, is once reinvented – CLEO-BORCHIA Using an unexpected blend of bejewelled materials namely Ring-Strass studs and minimalist golden beads set on buttery nude nappa leather, CLEO-BORCHIA a new series of CLEO, a highly versatile style suitable for daytime and evening wear atop two different heel fittings.

A “Must-Have” of the season, SERPIANA is a dazzling interpretation of the “bejeweled glamour” that sets this SS19 collection aflame. In electric hues from fuchsia to majestic blue, SERPIANA flaunts intense and bold silhouettes capturing the lust of the audacious snake design of the CLEO series with an additional touch of sensuality.

Mirroring a vintage model from the Maison’s archive, TRECCIA is now back with an enhanced contemporary boudoir enchanted with irresistible seductiveness, all thanks to the refreshed and captivating silhouette, with each side embellished with an arabesque braid in either gold or silver.

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