Gucci recruits legendary creative Harmony Korine to shoot the opulent stylings of Alessandro' Michele's Pre-Fall lookbook.

January 2, 2019


Shot in the archaeological parks of Herculaneum and Pompeii, the Gucci Pre-Fall 2019 collection honors the house’s heritage as much as it showcases the clothes.

An esplanade of 86 exquisitely dressed mannequins displayed the collection with offerings ranging from logo-splattered suits to branded berets to pink quilted jackets, with a foot firmly planted in the realm of kitsch, as usual. Patterns collide in nearly every look, with shawls, skirts, sweaters and shirts all sporting rich color and luxurious textiles like silk and velvet. The proceedings remain lighthearted thanks to the tourists who get in on the snapshot action, as well as the hearty snacks that the models chow down on throughout.

Every outfit was treated as a sort of mini story. Prominent styles included caftans—the best in exotic, rich brocades—and three-piece printed suits in which blazers were worn over elongated tunics for a new layered silhouette. Overall, the tailoring was strong: sharp-shouldered and slim-fitted with an ’80s flavor. Tweed bouclé was the predominant texture, spongy and supple; it looked delightfully odd printed with the Gucci logo or paired in rather idiosyncratic combos with sequins and chenille. The evening offering featured Poiret-inspired velvet tabards embroidered with starry skies, and dramatic, fit-for-the-fairies ball gowns dripping with sequins.

Tourist-character extras were seen snapping pictures in the background of the images, shot by director and photographer Harmony Korine in locations parts of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in southern Italy.


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