Ralph Lauren and Jessica Chastain shine the spotlight on female empowerment with new film

Introducing the Ralph Lauren ‘Sisterhood of Leaders’ short film starring Jessica Chastain, expressing the powerful sisterhood that blossoms when women work together.

Jessica Chastain along with business leaders, entrepreneurs, chefs, directors, producers, and philanthropists provide their thoughts on leadership and how we all can empower one another to #LeadLikeaWoman.

The initiative, which first was launched by Ralph Lauren Eau de Parfum back in May, explores the idea of female leadership with a host of successful women from myriad industries, in an attempt to close the leadership gap between women and men.

The new video sees the brand introduce a ‘Sisterhood of Leaders,’ and tackles the myth that women do not support one another. “Everytime I’m lucky enough to be on a film with other actresses and female directors, it’s been such an incredible set to be on,” Chastain tells the camera. The rest of the cast, which includes high flyers such as chef Dominique Crenn, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer and producer Stephanie Allain, also offer up stories regarding their own experiences of working with women and discussing the importance of female support.