With a penchant for the brand, Jimmy Choo’s designs express actress Chloë Grace Moretz’s individuality

A long-time red-carpet devotee to the shoe brand, Chloë Grace Moretz spotlights the Jimmy Choo Spring 2018 collection  penchant for the brand is all down to the way the designs express her individuality.

“My Jimmy Choos have always made me feel flirty and sexy, while still being comfortable in myself—they make my outfits feel uniquely me, be it for a red-carpet event or Thanksgiving dinner. For example, when I was at Sundance Film Festival, I didn’t take off a pair of perfect gold Jimmy Choo boots. I ended up wearing them to the Women’s Rally and then after the march I wore the same boots with a dress by Vampire’s Wife for the film premiere. In the falling snow, the shoes made me feel like Wonder Woman!”

The rays are beating down on yet another Californian day of sun, as 21-year-old starlet takes residence beside the leafy pool at The Parker Hotel—one of Palm Springs’ iconic properties serving as the perfect backdrop to shoot to a weekend getaway fashion shoot. Making her on-screen debut aged just seven with 2005’s Amityville Horror, her filmography, which spans blockbuster hits like Kick Ass & Carrie as well as acclaimed indie titles, is nothing if not prolific. With four films already slated for release this year, if anyone needs some downtime it’s Ms Moretz. As such an eloquent and confident woman, it’s little surprise that her creative ambitions go beyond just the next audition.

Discussing career highlights and aspirations that includes photography, a passion which she showcases to her fans on Instagram, Chloe admits that she’s interested in perusing roles behind the scenes whilst giving an exclusive interview discussing her personal style, family and career.

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