Acne Studios introduces a cinematic campaign for Spring that comes to life with Juliette Lewis

For the Acne Studios Spring 2018 ad campaign, Julilette Lewis plays the role of a movie character which is the result of a creative collaboration between the actress, photographer Talia Chetrit and stylist Vanessa Reid.

“For SS18 I was thinking about the strong women of 90s cinema. When Juliette Lewis arrived on set and saw the collection, she started to interpret the pieces by creating a character. During the shoot Talia mirrored Juliette, creating this amazing and direct energy.” – Jonny Johansson, Creative Director

Both the campaign and the collection are all about strong women. In the images Juliette strikes a series of poses, in an exaggerated display of persona. Throughout, Talia stayed close to Juliette, mirroring her actions and closely cropping the images to ensure all attention is on Juliette and the character she portrays.

Juliette wears pieces from the Acne Studios Spring 2018 women’s collection, which explored the idea of separates with an outsider’s point of view. The pieces – such as satin shirts, high-waisted trousers and roomy cut tailoring – are as if found by a renegade movie character and brought together to create a new wardrobe.