Presenting the Dice Kayek Fall 2017 collection of structured, refined, yet modern styles marking the brand’s 25th anniversary. The striped poplin shirt covered in doodle-esque embroideries and emblazoned with a red crystal heart shown with a giant tulle party skirt, features a birthday cake; stick figures of Ece Ege and her sister, Ayşe and postcards of Paris.

“It’s important to propose things that are exceptional,” said Ege, whose most basic shirts boast bulbous or bishop sleeves and striking plastrons.

With their jeweled flourishes, accents of gold and volumes best suited to special occasions, nearly each individual piece in the collection is worthy of being singled out. The collection features voluminous skirts that strike a contrast to the other skirts and dresses in the collection whose cuts are straight and far more reserved. Others include the feminine blouses. Dice Kayek gives them large, giant volumes some in tulle that appear in a black dress in crepe. The tulle from the sleeves is also used as an overlay at the bust of this creation.

This season includes a modified Prince of Wales check in blue and red and a crisp Mikado unlined coat or slim trouser. Ege introduced a small grouping in khaki green wool, hcut with poppy red blouses. Dice Kayek goes on to embellish the collection with an assortment of attractive elements such as bow, ruffles and embroideries. This last we not only find on some dresses, but also on the legs of certain trousers.

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