Be extraordinary Cole Haan’s aspirational campaign for Fall

Christy Turlington Burns and Karlie Kloss come together for the Cole Haan Fall 2017 campaign film. Bound by a shared desire for purposeful change, each have turned unexpected modeling careers into life-changing work.

Find a presentation of modern handbags, lush outerwear, and elegant footwear that turn American classics on their heel. This is an exceptionally crafted collection for Extraordinary women that do their best in their best.

Every woman and every person is capable of more than they typically think. We all need reminding of our untapped
potential, and challenging yourself is how you learn that you are more than you think you are – stronger than you think you are. The possibilities are exciting when you take a certain amount of risk or a little leap of faith. And if you don’t test that sometimes, it’s hard to feel your best, hard to feel like you’re doing all you can. Taking these leaps gives us the confidence to push ourselves – to do something extraordinary.

There is an element of fearlessness that is required to be extraordinary. I think someone extraordinary is doing things differently – and that’s not always easy. You have to lead from your heart and from your instinct. I think a lot of people are scared to do that and aren’t encouraged to push forward. The value of somebody else saying, ‘yes I see you, I believe in you, and I’m here to support anything you set your mind to’ cannot be overvalued. That’s why I started Kode With Klossy for young women – to pass on the knowledge that doing extraordinary things requires being fearless, and trusting your instinct.