Before creating the House of Chanel, Coco was Gabrielle, now the inspiration behind the new fragrance

In tribute to the creator of Chanel, 2017 was the birth of a namesake bag and, coming in September, the launch of a fragrance called GABRIELLE CHANEL. To incarnate the new scent, the House chose American actress Kristen Stewart.

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, the promotional film stars Kristen Stewart extricating herself from the confines of a cocoon and breaking into a liberating run. She gathers her speed so she can crash through a wall to freedom and the promise of a new dawn on the other side. With sparse decor, meticulous lighting, and the song Runnin’ by Beyoncé, the film takes a bold new direction as it celebrates a modern femininity built on confidence, determination, and independence.

“We wanted to highlight an emotion that could be grasped in mere seconds, to tell a sensation as opposed to a story, ” explains Thomas du Pré de Saint-Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources for CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty and Fine Watches & Jewelry.  “Referring to a specific person, and even more so to Gabrielle Chanel, is new for CHANEL. Instead of retracing her life, we chose to put the spotlight on her free and rebel-at-heart personality.”

Fully steeped in the philosophy of the House of CHANEL and its founder, this promotional film speaks of a race towards freedom, an endless battle against the diktats that tend to capture and cage women in.

The luminous floral fragrance itself shimmers with vibrant notes. The exceptional bottle design reinvents simplicity in the breathtaking form of an elegant square. Ultra-thin, bevel-cut glass converges toward the center to reflect the play of light and colour of the fragrance within.