Alexa Chung gets lost on Los Angeles as she explores the city in all its fashionable glory

Last season saw Alexa Chung invited to an awkward Parisian dinner party where she struggled to keep up with the conversation with her stylish companions. For the AG Jeans Fall 2017 collection, Alexa Chung is back in control, channelling ’90s Young Hollywood in a film shot in Los Angeles titled ‘Lost Angeles.’

Longtime AG model and muse Alexa wears dungarees, fringed suede, slouchy blouses and frayed denim, which conjure up the spirit of our favourite wayward, grungy musicians and actors from the hallowed decade. Shot in the iconic west Hollywood hotel and regular A-list stomping ground, this is a distinct departure from the effortless chic of the French-inspired Spring 2017 campaign and instead evokes the insouciant style of ’90s stars such as Winona Ryder, Juliette Lewis, River Phoenix, Drew Barrymore and Claire Danes.

The collection also comprises bleach-splattered brushed flannels, deconstructed knits and tees, slinky slips, crepe dresses and of course, a whole lot of denim. Cool and unfussy with just the right amount of irreverence and sass, Alexa is the perfect poster girl for this collection. AG’s Vice President of Global Communications, Johnathan Crocker, explains the brand’s longstanding relationship with the ultimate Brit style star: “She’s one of the most authentic and sincere people we’ve worked with. And when you combine that with her quick wit, charm, and being beautiful, it’s no surprise why so many people feel such a strong affinity towards her. She never seems to be trying to be anyone or anything but herself – I think that’s ultimately what makes her the perfect ambassador for the brand.”

Alexa Chung takes on a chameleonic style, including a tomboy, hyper-feminine, but always slightly undone aesthetic perfect for the AG Jeans brand.