Emilio Pucci celebrates luxury sportswear with a cosmopolitan theme

We introduce the Emilio Pucci ‘Sneakers of the World’, a limited edition of 11 variations of the iconic City Up style.

The City Up sneaker comes in different colour combinations that change depending on the location. Through a journey across the world, each sneakers is an exclusive combination of colors inspired by the most vibrant cities: dynamic for Milan, tropical for Miami and radiant for Seoul. The collection includes style dedicated to Florence, Rome, Paris, London, Dubai, Moscow, Hong Kong and New York.

The name of each city is embroidered on the back of the shoe; vivid colors, elastic bands and mini rouches details create a unique and fashionable design.

The new styles are perfect to complete Emilio Pucci’s looks. Combined with the Maison iconic prints, they will give every outfit a statement and contemporary accent.