The renowned dancer and choreographer Sébastien Bertaud has called on Olivier Rousteing, creative director of fashion house Balmain, to design the costumes for “Renaissance,” a ballet being staged in June in the French capital.

A new collaboration is on the cards for the Balmain fashion house — and not just any — since Olivier Rousteing has been chosen to create costumes for the upcoming ballet choreographed by Sébastien Bertaud for the Paris Opera. More than a fashion collab, the partnership takes the fashion house onto new ground, bringing a touch of Balmain style to French cultural heritage.

“We created costumes that combine an element of the classical world of dance with a sexy, sensual and glamorous Balmain twist,” he explained. “We tried to give the embellishments a very couture spin and contrast that with the modernity of the cuts and the juxtaposition of oversized with body conscious.”

Olivier Rousteing, who has been Balmain creative director since 2011, has brought a new energy to the French couture house with a shrewdly managed balance between innovation and traditional expertise.