Known for her stylish outfits and quirky-cool personality, Alexa Chung resumes her role as the face of the brand with the Longchamp ‘La Parisienne’ for the Spring 2017 ad campaign.

The videos show Alexa decked out in the latest clothes and bags from the collection as she wanders the streets of Paris. Directed by journalist and fashion documentary maker Loïc Prigent, these videos continue the theme of past seasons in celebrating the importance of the City of Love to Longchamp. This time, we hear more about Paris from Alexa’s (hilarious) point of view – “I found out the other day, that a ‘French kiss’ in Paris is just called a ‘kiss.'”

In the Longchamp ‘La Parisienne’ film, Alexa gives her definition of the Parisian woman: “She’s very, very pretty, but she’s not perfect – she’s real.”

For its spring 2017 collection, the fashion house took the chance to show its take on some of the most colorful trends, combining jocose vibes with the label’s own signature, sophisticated look. Joie de vivre was the focal point of the Longchamp spring 2017 collection, which was specifically created for the “radiant Longchamp woman”.