The House’s newest digital project, Gucci 4 Rooms, featuring the work of four contemporary ...

October 12, 2016

The House’s newest digital project, Gucci 4 Rooms, featuring the work of four contemporary artists comes to life in Tokyo. Starting out as a digital project, four contemporary artists—including three Japanese—created rooms in the Gucci Ginza flagship and Dover Street Market Ginza integrating the symbols and prints by Alessandro Michele.

Users are encouraged to move freely between four virtual rooms created by four contemporary artist, catching hidden Gucci Ghosts in the first three rooms to unlock the door to the final Secret room, revealing the biggest surprise.

The Gucci 4 Rooms includes: Gucci Words Room, Gucci Herbarium Room, Gucci Garden Room, and the Gucci Ghost Room.

A bare space rich in hidden signs, meanings and humor, The Gucci Words Room by Daito Manabe crystallizes Alessandro Michele’s women’s Fall Winter 2016 collection rhizome reference. By de-contextualizing L’Aveugle Par Amour, the title of a French 18th century novel which appears on Gucci pieces, and mixing with references to Japanese mythical literature on love, he creates a rhizome of ideograms. Inside his space, symbols unpredictably turn in floating visual icons, like colorful magic figures.

Named after a print from the new creative vision, the Gucci Herbarium Room’s digital space, ideated by artist Chiharu Shiota is covered with a whimsical motif of branches, leaves and flowers. Expanded and scattered over a digital set of tapestries and old décor, the design creates an imaginary setting, to be gazed through the artist’s signature web wrapping of red yarns.

Insects and felines, plants and flowers: motifs of the House are created in a gigantic pop scale in artist Mr.’s digital space, mixed with his signature characters of Lolita-esque big-eyed manga and anime girls who represent Japan’s contemporary youth culture. Filled with graffiti, the digital room is a journey in altered scales that creates endless surreal effect, turning it into a pop-style Garden of Eden.

Trouble Andrew’s now recognisable design, the GucciGhost, is the protagonist of the digital project. The playful character seen in Alessandro Michele’s collections, is constantly on the move int he digital space’s interactive rooms.

Visit the Ginza Flagship store on the 7th floor until November 27th to experience this unique artistic collaboration.


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