After traveling for almost 24 hours from Malibu to Mongolia, cashmere industry veteran Bruce Gifford finally arrived at one of his company’s goat farms. While holding a baby goat in his arms, he was hit with a flash of inspiration. After 20 years of selling cashmere the traditional way, he realized that time and technology had finally caught up with his vision to sell cashmere directly to consumers. As Gifford continued traveling throughout the Far East, he had the vision for a brand built on sensuality, purity and self-confidence: Naked Cashmere. Now, the new collection of 100% cashmere products has arrived, baring all. The brand strips down the process, leading the cashmere revolution.

The Naked Cashmere collection elevates style and confidence, and makes you feel spectacular and comfortable in your own skin. The brand invites you – its customers of all sizes and genders – to indulge in something extraordinary. From its goats in Mongolia direct to your closet,Naked Cashmere offers stripped down prices on the most luxurious cashmere in the world. Leslie Gifford’s curated designs reflect the unadulterated purity of the products and with Kate Moss as the face of the brand, Naked Cashmere embraces the natural feel and timeless essence of cashmere.

Kate Moss is the first to join that revolution and is the face of the brand, and her love of cashmere made her the natural choice for the premier Naked Cashmere Fall 2016 ad campaign. Go behind the scenes to discover the sultry campaign.