The Alexander Wang Spring 2016 ad campaign brings together 21 of the designers friends—artists, models, and musicians—for a series of snapshots by Steven Klein that number in the hundreds. The advertisements feature rising stars including Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, Korean pop star CL, models Binx Walton, Anna Ewers, Issa Lish, Stella Lucia and Molly Blair as well as dance duo AlunaGeorge and many more. Raw and gritty, the images fit perfectly with Wang’s street style aesthetic.

“There’s this kind of traditional idea of doing what we’ve previously done, which is shoot a campaign, do the full 10 images that you place in magazines, then you do a leak, and then it comes out online and people see it for maybe about two, three days, and then by day four it’s on to the next thing. We started thinking about how a season lasts much longer than a week for us, and we asked ourselves, How do we continue the conversation with our audience?” Alexander Wang said.

The talent was given free rein to pick their outfits and their location. “The point was to show authenticity behind what they’re wearing,” said Wang. “They’re the ones really sharing this content first on their own Instagram or wherever, and we wanted it to feel like it was their story, and they felt like what they were wearing captured who they really are. I think that authenticity reads to the audience.”

With the help of Klein and stylist Karl Templer, Wang rented out a fleet of vans to explore Manhattan and Brooklyn for a day. The locales range from grocery stores and subway stations to dance studios and Binx Walton’s apartment.