BREGUET EXHIBITION AT THE FINE ARTS MUSEUMS IN SAN FRANCISCOFrom September 19th, 2015 to January 10th, 2016, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco welcomes “Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking,” the largest exhibition of Breguet antique timepieces ever to be shown in the Americas.

On view within the splendid setting of the California Palace at the Legion of Honor, the Breguet exhibition at the Fine Arts Museums in San Francisco presents the work of an innovator who had a decisive influence on his craft—time measurement. One of watchmaking’s chief characteristics is its dual nature: it belongs as much to the world of science and technology as that of the decorative arts. The items presented are all of immense quality representing both objets d’art. Their prestigious origin and provenance having belonged to eminent historical figures, further enhance their appeal. Abraham-Louis Breguet is indeed widely considered to be the greatest watchmaker of all time.

“It is undoubtedly no coincidence that the museum wished to put this exhibition on their prestigious program. What better place could one imagine than this legendary city of San Francisco to highlight the work that was in its own time probably just as revolutionary as the products devised in recent years by nearby Silicon Valley? Throughout his life, Breguet constantly tested new technical solutions, new instruments and new uses. He was not afraid to innovate, even at the risk of shocking his contemporaries.” (Marc A. Hayek, President & CEO of Breguet).