Creative Director Sarah Burton takes the notion of the female form and deconstructs it to discover the darkly romantic woman underneath. Her silhouette grows organically in three dimensions, as strong and natural as a flower. England’s symbol is the rose, a symbol of strength and fragility, forever on the brink of dishevelment. The Alexander McQueen Fall 2015 collection steeped in the frayed nature of reality and the beauty of imperfection. She is worked with eaten-away lace, skeletons of dresses, frayed coats and jackets, poetic knits and laddered lace.

Sliced lacquered rose jacquard coats and jackets, pleated leather skirts and dresses, bonded leather rose cloqué tailoring, engineered lace cut out knitted dresses with laddered pleated ruffles, distressed and shredded silk rose cape coats, 3D leather rosette dresses, exploded petal printed organza dresses with frayed edges, slashed organza dresses with 3D rosettes, distressed and shredded embroidered trailing rose dresses.