Building on the Fall 2014 renewed focus on the brand’s core foundations of quality, craftsmanship and design, the Bally Spring 2015 ad campaign defines the Bally Man and Woman. Shot by renowned photographer Fabien Baron, it offers a striking departure from conventional ‘lifestyle’ formats, exploring the idea of functional luxury while using a more accessible relatable approach.

Brought to life by Dutch Model Freja Beha Erichsen and Clement Chabernaud, both of whom were specially selected for their look of refined elegance, they are the embodiment of the Bally Man and Woman, portraying the contemporary, dynamic and authentic vision of the brand.

Shot in a light, industrial space in The Bronx, New York, the minimalist furniture, luxurious surfaces (rich textured wood, smooth polished concrete) and understated styling accentuate the campaign’s pared-back yet approachable setting. The clean, graphic layout set against a white backdrop further conveys the Bally Man and Woman’s appreciation of refined functionality and quiet sophistication.