‘KENZO FOREVER, NO?’ is the exhibition launched by Carol and Humberto at the Villa Noailles during the 29th International Festival of Hyères and presents twelve Kenzo looks beamed from the distant and recent past.

Arranged in themed pairs and animated by a seemingly perpetual rotation, these silhouettes recast the history of Kenzo as a living process, a constant and active conversation between past and present.

The exhibition at the villa Noailles is a reflection on the different approaches to design that both of these creative powerhouses have employed during their tenures at Kenzo. Visitors will leave with an understanding on how they, in very different ways have made, and continue to make Kenzo one of the most keenly observed and appreciated forces in the fashion world today.

‘KENZO FOREVER, NO?’ will be on view at Villa Noailles, Hyères, France until May 25th.