Giorgio Armani renews his bond with cinema through a project involving six prestigious international film schools. Each team created a short film capturing the distinct beauty of their metropolis using the Frames of Life eyewear collection as a ‘filter’. Films of City Frames is a unique narrative collage of urban adventures and chance encounters viewed through the eye of a lens.

The initiative, aimed at supporting young talent, will grant the most promising students from six leading film schools around the world the chance to participate and share short films about their cities in a project geared towards connecting with the world of cinema through the lens of Giorgio Armani’s Frames of Life eyewear.

“It is exciting to place this aspiring filmmakers’ project alongside the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival — which has long been a launching pad for so many important global films. TIFF and Toronto are both world class. Bringing young formative cinema talent to Toronto is in perfect focus for me,” says Armani.

Their profiles and narratives will be showcased on