Discover the new age-delay regimen by Dior as the he model and actress portrays a strong and contemporary expression of femininity

With a magnetic beauty and unflinching gaze in the campaign film directed by Cass Bird, Cara Delevingne unveils the new Christian Dior Capture Youth skincare line.

Capture Youth is first and foremost the story of a scientific breakthrough. Until now, one of the main ways of dealing with skin oxidation has been to act after the appearance of the first signs caused by aging with an external supply of antioxidants. Following several years of research, and in partnership with the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Dior scientific researchers have turned a spotlight on the existence of an antioxidant defense system inside the cells of the epidermis. Capture Youth offers a customised rejuvenating protocol to meet the specific needs of each skin type.

An ultra-fine texture delivering maximum comfort boasts a high concentration of iris florentina and a botanical mesh that help stimulate the internal resistance process of the epidermis every day, while instantly smoothing the skin. Intensely nourished, retexturized and toned, the skin regains its ideal quality.

Anticipating, therefore, with the Age-Delay Advanced Crème. And personalizing with five complementary serums to use according to skin characteristics: Glow Booster with vitamin C to bring out radiance, Plump Filler with natural-origin hyaluronic acid to aid in plumping up volumes, Matte Maximizer with lactic acid to contribute to the matifying effect, Lift Sculptor with polyphenols from tea to aid in remodeling, and the Redness Soother with cotton peptides to contribute in soothing sensations of discomfort.

A true concentrate of hydration. Thanks to the power of hyaluronic acid extracted from fermented wheat, this serum nourishes and acts on the epidermis for plump, supple, skin and boosted elasticity.

Watch as Cara Delevingne, face of the new line Capture Youth, shares her vision of the House of Dior.