The Swiss luxury brand collaborates with renowned model Irina Shayk and New York-based fashion photographer Gregory Harris to create a bold and energetic Bally Spring 2017 ad campaign.

Juxtaposing super model Irina Shayk alongside up and coming male models Kit Butler and David Trulik, Bally’s new campaign sets the scene with a ‘creative gang’ in a vibrant 80s-inspired world. Think MTV, Andy Warhol’s ‘Interview’, Pop Art.

Irina serves up pure glamour in tailored coats and fur jackets while showcasing the signature leather accessories shine with the ‘Suzy’ and ‘Grimoire’ bags. Using the slogan ‘Bally is Super’.

Shot in London in October 2016, the campaign was art directed by Franck Durand and styled by Jonathan Kaye.

The slogan ‘Bally is Super’ seen tagged throughout the campaign was first used by the brand in 1979, and reflects the brand’s playful optimism.