The collection is now making its full debut globally through a new campaign featuring tennis players Emma Cohen and George Loffhagen.

July 8, 2024


In a nod to its storied past, the House introduces the Gucci Tennis special collection, inspired by archival designs from the 1970s. Emma Cohen and George Loffhagen embody the collection’s spirit, showcasing the pieces with their champion attitudes on and off the court.

Blending tradition and modernity, the special selection pays homage to the House’s longstanding relationship with the game drawing inspiration from its archives dating back to the 1970s. During this era, the House expanded its repertoire of tennis-related products, particularly focusing on accessories and shoes, including the signature Tennis 1977 sneaker, one of the first ever sneakers to be produced by a luxury brand. This affinity for tennis transcended into the 1980s with a selection of ready-to-wear pieces that became favorites among athletes and lovers of the sport alike.

Reimagining traditional tennis attire with contemporary elegance, the collection features sleek dresses, sophisticated polos, and matching sets for men and women, including shorts and skirts paired with tanks and knitwear. Accessories such as caps, wristbands, and leather items complement the outfits. Highlight pieces include a new duffle bag, racquet backpack, racquet bag, and shoe holder, all adorned with a white-on-white GG monogram and Web stripe details. The iconic Tennis 1977 sneakers appear in white canvas and leather, alongside Gucci Ace sneakers featuring the GG monogram.

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