Kenzo explores cross-cultural elegance through a lunar landscape for Pre-Fall.

June 21, 2024

For the Kenzo Pre-Fall 2024 ad campaign, Artistic Director Nigo goes on a captivating journey titled “Sunrise Chasing: a journey from West to East.” This campaign expands Nigo’s vision by integrating cross-cultural elements into the Kenzo season wardrobe, set against a backdrop that feels both futuristic and familiar. Inspired by sci-fi metaphors, the campaign reimagines the pre-collection within a lunar landscape softened by the waves of the sea.

The pre-collection showcases a new elegance central to Kenzo’s vision, emerging in the bright light and gentle breeze of daybreak. The collection’s silhouettes and motifs navigate between grounded realism and futuristic aspirations, creating a unique conversation between the earthly and the celestial. The campaign’s premise echoes the scenes of the moon landing, capturing a sense of exploration and discovery in its design.

Central to the collection is the iconic plissé soleil dress, which stands out alongside workwear crafted in the Kenzo Weave pattern. This pattern is inspired by the traditional Japanese hakeshi baten fireman’s jackets, infusing the collection with a handmade, rooted sensibility. Cargo flight trousers and a metallic sequinned body further the idea of space travel, while a starry logo t-shirt highlights one of the Kenzo Constellation prints. These prints creatively reinterpret the Maison’s iconography from the perspective of a stargazing earthling, featuring the Rue Vivienne logo and the boke flower in stellar patterns.


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