Lacoste is taking its globally iconic brand to new heights with the launch of its spectacular new Play Big campaign.

April 30, 2024

Featuring a giant 8-meter crocodile sculpture, the Lacoste Play Big campaign celebrates the brand’s heritage in tennis and fashion-sport through a larger-than-life artistic vision. By exploring new territories and placing art at the very heart of the brand, 2024 is undeniably a big year for the Crocodile.

“At Lacoste, we are very proud to draw on a rich heritage while maintaining a spirit of innovation. And because we constantly strive to reinvent ourselves, this new Play Big campaign is the opportunity to reaffirm the power of our iconic crocodile, our fashion roots and our rightful place in the realm of sports and especially tennis,” said Catherine Spindler, CEO of Lacoste.

Play Big finds its heartbeat in the uniqueness and strength of six iconic ambassadors, each an inspirational figure in their bespoke field, and each embodying the audacity, unlimited creativity, and confidence that is the very essence of Lacoste. The beacon of this campaign, the iconic crocodile, interacts in unique ways with each ambassador, reflecting their individual style, personality, and driving force.

Just as the crocodile keeps moving, Lacoste keeps making the world its fans’ playground, inspiring them to create their own game: Play Big is a powerful call to action capturing the breadth of impact of the iconic Crocodile, embracing the inner fortitude of each ambassador at the heart of this campaign, and the unstoppable spirit of the pioneering fashion-sport brand.


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