The forte_forte Loves Amourrina collection is lovingly and patiently handcrafted in Murano by skillful kiln masters.

January 22, 2024


A homage to the lagoon, venice and murano, the new forte_forte Loves Amourrina collaboration originates from a special encounter and the love for the centuries–old tradition of venetian master glassmakers.

Murano is precisely where the venetian art of glass making is practiced. using a particular and time–honored technique, artisans shape the glass by hand into authentic venetian murrina rods, which are then cut into small cross–sections to form the traditional amourrina glass beads characterized by their perfect and delicate transparency and unique shape.

A shared vision of supporting Italian craftsmanship and celebrating the venetian cultural heritage has brought together Giada Forte and Elisa Evangelisti, culminating in the creation of this unique capsule, where every single bead is rigorously handcrafted by Amourrina venetian master glassmakers.

“Amourrina beads are made using historic techniques that are unique to Murano. We believe that keeping these practices alive is essential to preser ving murano’s cultural heritage and protecting its local skills. Culture informs our very being and shapes our identity. making culture central to policies is the only way to ensure that development is human–centered, inclusive and equitable. cultural heritage, both physical and intellectual, and creativity are resources that must be protected and promoted with the utmost attention and respect”, explained Elisa Evangelisti, founder of Amourrina.

Each piece of jewelry, 18 kt gold–plated, is unique and different from the others, and comes in colors exclusively designed for this collaboration to form minute mosaics, wondrous micro–worlds with endless expressive potential bursting with deep, vibrant colors.

The forte_forte Loves Amourrina capsule is available in the Resort 2024 collection, in forte_forte boutiques and online.


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