COS opens its first store in Brooklyn, located on North 6th Street in the Williamsburg neighbourhood.

December 18, 2023

The COS pop-up store in Brooklyn will be the first in America to host select elements of the brand’s more sustainable store concept, with a timeless approach to design and ongoing commitment to circularity, while embracing the local community through a curated selection of bespoke partners.

The store features considered materials throughout the space. Rails are made from the endlessly recyclable material, aluminium, and are formed of 30% recycled content. Striking bespoke papier- mâché tables are created by Lecce and New York-based Paper Factor, while mannequins are made from 100% recycled polystyrene.

To complement the interiors concept, COS has partnered with local brands as part of its ongoing commitment to community. Paint was provided by Alkemis, the world’s first wellness paint, which combines the healing benefits and natural colour palettes of non-toxic mineral ingredients with earth friendly production processes. a.p. bio, a multidisciplinary studio, provide floral designs, and vintage furniture pieces were sourced from Somerset House. The result creates a soothing environment that will have hybrid qualities, allowing the space to embrace further partners and events from the worlds of contemporary culture during its lifespan.

The store will launch with the COS Fall 2023 womenswear and menswear collections, which present a fresh approach to timeless luxury, focused on craftsmanship, fine detail, and modern tailoring, with special attention to elevated accessories and personalized service.


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