Celine introduces Cologne Céleste an essential composition in perfumery, reinterpreted by Hedi Slimane.

November 28, 2023


The Celine Céleste eau de cologne, simultaneously universal and comforting, comes with three products to enrich the bath and body collection initiated by the solid soaps in June 2023. Cosseted in the sweet and rounded notes of orange blossom, the soothing pleasure of bathing, followed by a body rub with the eau de cologne, revisits this gentle yet invigorating grooming ritual.

Huile Céleste may be applied both to the body and to the hair. It may also be used for massaging. Its light and nongreasy texture moisturizes and softens while perfuming the skin with cologne céleste’s fresh and powdery trail. It nourishes the hair while creating the most delicate and persistent perfuming ritual. Its formula is composed of natural ingredients, consisting of three oils like olive squalene, jojoba oil and sunflower oil rich in Omega 9 and anti-oxidizing vitamin E.

To enjoy Lait Céleste’s comforting benefits and to perfume the bath, it is recommended to pour the equivalent of 15ml into hot water. When in contact with water, the milk delicately dilutes to form an evanescent and fragrant milky cloud that leaves the skin soft and supple as well as pleasantly perfumed.

An essential accessory for bathing and grooming, the Savon Solide Parfumé gently cleanses and preserves the skin’s moisture. Used dry and slipped into a drawer or closet, it pleasantly perfumes the linens. Enriched in sweet almond oil and vegetal glycerin, the cologne céleste solid soap is composed of %96 of ingredients of natural origin.

The Cologne Céleste collection for the bath is introducing a new bottle recapturing the existing codes of celine’s Haute Parfumerie, including the square section on the eau de parfum and chamfer detailing on its angles. Its streamlined design encapsulates a 250ml content.

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