At the heart of Spring 2024, a laid-back and sophisticated silhouette sets out its own idea of nonchalance and elegance.

October 9, 2023

Inspired by the artistic spirit of the Villa Noailles in the South of France, the Chanel Spring 2024 RTW collection is a kaleidoscope of vitality. Evoking the villa’s terraced gardens and the lines of its avant-garde architecture, graphic tweeds and floral embroideries are punctuated by touches of light, play of contrasts, colours and asymmetries.

“This Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection is an ode to liberty and to movement, and tells a story that has its origins in the gardens of the villa Noailles,” explains Virginie Viard, Creative Director.

The exhilaration of light and colour, the profusion of geometric patterns, the play of contrasting asymmetries, patchworks, lines, checks and stripes give rhythm to a collection that sets out its own idea of elegance and insouciance, components of the allure.

There are dressing gowns in multicoloured, black or pink tweed, and jackets in striped terrycloth of every colour. Suits in neoprene, dresses and trousers in lace are adorned with floral motifs. This joie de vivre extends to short dresses and a top in sunray pleats, striped Bermuda shorts, and double-breasted jackets worn open with hands in pockets.

Bathing suits, organza babydolls, sportswear and evening dresses all take the same sun-kissed path. Waists are low, heels are flat. Suits are lightweight and very supple: no epaulettes, no lining. Gilet-jackets, cardigans worn like dresses with a sense of freedom, trousers with pockets, wide leg shorts and asymmetrical skirts, bows and pleats complete this study of life in motion. A certain idea of sensuality permeates the pieces – dresses, shirts, petticoats, bra tops – in black organza, whose transparency permits endless layering.

Buoyed by an ambiance of joy, sport and celebration, the elegantly carefree Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection is an invitation to enjoy life in the fresh air.


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