The Fall 2023 collection is a captivating journey through time that transcends eras and styles.

October 4, 2023

Inspired by Sci-Fi glam that ignites the imagination with avant-garde shapes and futuristic textures, the HiSO Fall 2023 collection offers timeless, relaxed and luxuriously comfortable silhouettes for the fashionauts. Surreal and hyperreal elements blur the boundaries between dream and reality.

Contrasting concepts create a harmonious duality- sharp tailoring commands attention while soft graceful shapes provide a warm embrace, cozy crops & elegant dusters. This season is infused with sumptuous wools and silky matte leathers, plush teddys in velvety merinos and supple suedes that reverse to soft curls.

Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, HiSO’s Fall 2023 color palette mirrors celestial wonders of nebulae, rustic golds and enigmatic green-black. Weathered browns, tans and greys evoke the comforting embrace of earth’s elements while crackled finishes pay homage to the enduring strength of granite. Gem tones add an exquisite touch of luxury and depth to this cosmic canvas.

Canadian to the core, HiSO has been mastering the art of luxury outerwear for over four decades specializing in shearling and wool coats. Renowned for cutting-edge designs, innovative materials and craftsmanship, the brand has developed a timeless yet provocative collection unlike any other. HiSO pushes the boundaries of the classic coat with a fresh, contemporary twist. Inspired by a passion for modern and bold aesthetic, HiSO infuses cool casual chic into luxury and creates a range of styles full of attitude and intrigue geared towards the fashionistas and modern adventurers.


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