Embark on a captivating journey of love with Coach Love inspired by the universal language of affection.

August 29, 2023


The Coach Love is a dynamic fragrance inspired by the vibrant and universal feeling of love—and all of the unique ways we express it.

Stuart Vevers, Creative Director of Coach, encapsulates the fragrance’s essence and campaign in saying, “Coach Love celebrates the freedom of expression and the myriad ways we convey affection to our loved ones. In Juergen Teller’s imagery, I found the perfect conduit to capture candid moments of intimacy that also mirror the charismatic nature of the scent. Together, the fragrance and visuals play with the delicate balance between individuality and togetherness, embodying my belief that authentic self-expression inspires others to do the same.”

The exquisite fruity floral composition opens with a joyful burst of wild strawberries, infusing a sense of cheerfulness. A velvety red rose gracefully emerges, enveloping the senses in its romantic allure. As the fragrance unfolds, a warm and comforting base of cedarwood adds depth and sensuality, completing the olfactory symphony.

The intense red bottle, symbolic of passion, captivates the eye with its vibrant hue. It features a golden “turnlock” clasp, an iconic emblem of the Maison, and a heart-shaped charm that exudes irresistible charm. Encased in a red leather-effect textured case adorned with the golden calèche logo, a nod to Coach’s rich leather goods heritage, this fragrance encapsulates the brand’s legacy of luxury and craftsmanship.

Coach Love exudes elegance, a refined softness that transcends its predecessor, with an international appeal that speaks to a diverse audience.


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