COS unveils its Mexican flagship store at, the first in the Americas to adopt the brand’s new sustainable store concept.

August 25, 2023

Designed in-house and supported by sustainability, the intimate setting of the COS boutique in Mexico engages the senses through spatial techniques and playful use of light and colour.

In pursuit of the brand’s goal to reduce CO2 emissions and maximise the lifecycle of all its interior, the 486 meter-squared space features considered materials throughout the space. Bamboo wood fixtures replace hardwoods due to its renewable qualities and stores more CO2 than traditional timbers. Alongside this, rails are made from the endlessly recyclable material, aluminium, and are formed of 30% recycled content.

The store’s interiors seamlessly blend Mexico’s rich artisanal craft traditions with more sustainable design innovations, warm tones are accented throughout the space reflecting the country’s cornfields and its special significance in the collective psyche. Embracing the brand’s inspirations from contemporary culture, the store serves as a backdrop for COS’ seasonal collections, complemented by works and collaborations from a community of artists and designers.

The new space will exhibit artwork by Caralarga, a female-owned, local enterprise that echoes COS’ commitment to sustainability and women’s empowerment. Each of the three timeless designs preserves natural thread weaving techniques, highlighting the inherent beauty of raw materials while actively contributing to reducing waste by preventing materials from ending up in landfills.

The boutique is located at  theAntara Fashion Hall, Polanco, Mexico City.


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