Prada reimagining existing definitions and expectations with an avant-garde vision activated by tech and creativity.

August 8, 2023


A brand of perpetual exploration and reinvention, Prada Beauty challenges perspectives and the status quo to serve as a precursor and pioneer, with a perspective of uncompromised quality, radical elegance, intellectual purity and freedom of creative experimentation.

“All my life is working against the cliché of beauty. How to break from inside the system of what was considered beauty,” said Miuccia Prada.

The Prada Day and Night Skin Cream adapts your skin with Smart Technology to renew and reinforce skin. Skin is upgraded to its potential as this transformative gel-to-balm cream. The formula contains 92% natural origin ingredients. It is formulated without silicone, with no animal derived ingredients. The Cream is formulated to restores skin moisture, smooths out texture, and promotes optimal skin barrier function to keep skin hydrated.

Prada Reveal Skin Optimizing Foundation refines the skin in three dimensions including tone, luminosity, and texture to reveal soft-filtered skin in-real-life. These foundations boast a breathable, soft matte finish and up to 24-hour wear. It is life proof and transfer-resistant. Vitamin E improves skin tone, 100% active Niacinamide enhances skin’s natural radiance and hydration, and Lactobacillus Extract Complex refines skin texture.

Prada Monochrome Hyper Matte delivers maximal color in one-stroke coverage. A sophisticated matte finish lasting for up to 12 hours with minimal feel on lips. Infused with bifidus extract and jojoba oil, with Prada Monochrome, lip quality looks visibly upgraded over time. 13 profound colors formulated with a black base and only 3 pure pigments to reproduce the Saffiano leather’s high-integrity color depth.


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