Pieter Mulier's fourth collection for Alaïa includes its anatomy, its psychology, and its soul.

July 7, 2023


The Alaïa Pre-Fall 2023 collection is built on the idea of celebrating curves, since they are a universal shape that honors the core of what it is to be feminine. Couture transforms into sculpture, clothes are formed directly on the models’ bodies, textures evoke the sensation of wearing a second skin, and influences originate from a wide variety of sources, ranging from Alaïa’s Tunisian roots to Pieter’s one-of-a-kind ideas. The garments, like the setting, exude a sense of closeness and individuality.

At Alaïa, taking selfies has become a tradition, and they are being used for the third season to unveil the different styles. Similar to an unplanned act of unadulterated elegance. The girls’ own selfies, which embody the deep spirit of the whole collection, were taken by the kids themselves. from the forms most synonymous with the brand. Regarding the most recent fashion accessories, including belts, shoes, and gloves. And the legendary “Coeur” handbag was reimagined as a “minaudière” in a brand-new metal iteration that was inspired by the glittering brilliance of a gem.

In addition, this was the first occasion that the girls had a camera backstage. The lookbook presents an unusual viewpoint on the collection as seen from the individual perspectives of the primary characters in the story, containing an unfiltered vitality and an unfiltered point of view. A more personal perspective on Pieter Mulier’s SF23 collection may be gained by seeing both the film and the selfies taken by the artist.


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