Nicolas Ghesquière presented his Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 Show live from Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore in Italy.

May 31, 2023

Imagined as a tale of the extraordinary, the Louis Vuitton Resort 2024 collection was open to a myriad of influences revealing a hybrid elegance of baroque opulence and neoprene. Like Isola Bella, a ship of greenery sailing between myth and reality, Nicolas Ghesquière found the new balance of a contemporary femininity and ultra-romance in this paradoxical notion.

This collection saw Ghesquière take inspiration from mythical underwater fantasies, giving an ethereal take on high fashion mermaidcore. To the press he explained, “We started with the idea that the girls were coming from the water, like mermaids of the lake, and they’re transforming to something else.” Playing with youthful imaginations and fairytales, the collection took design notes from scuba gear, utilizing fin-like collars and details that are reminiscent of water droplets.

Adding to the aquatic theme, diving jackets were constructed for everyday wearability featuring elaborate prints that seem to take on textures seen on the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa print, all while telling a story of creatures that live in the vast seas. The collection saw an amalgamation of textures including mixed tank suits and robes paired with mermaid scale-like sequin skirts and naval jackets. Ghesquière tells Vogue, “By the end the mermaid becomes a flower, but maybe not a flower that exists.” Taking on the imagery of a mermaid finding its legs and blossoming into an delicate creature, frilled gowns close out the show.

Like a shimmering mirage, the opulent allure of Isola Bella lends itself to the scenography through its baroque beauty and flourishing flora. Imbued with a rich heritage, an enchanting dream forms, transcending time.


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