Agent Provocateur indulges its more whimsical side in this an opulent, lavish and unabashedly feminine collection.

February 8, 2023

The Agent Provocateur Spring 2023 ad campaign leads you into an enchanted castle of desire and fantasy where the wearer is transformed into a princess who chooses her own Happily Ever After – no Prince Charming required.

“This season I was driven by the motto ‘more is more’! More glamour, more escapism, more drama. The return of dressing up and theatricality that we’ve been seeing has kicked up a level and I’m loving everyone finding fun through their wardrobe again. I’ve always been drawn to princesses in fairy tales because they represent a duality: the meek ‘good girl’ trapped in the castle at the start of the story, and the care-free party girl at the ball at the end. I wanted to give it an update and bring the mood of the story into the modern age: our fairy tale princess is in control, reclaiming her agency, dating who she wants, when she wants, and living her best life,” said Sarah Shotton, Creative Director.

Frothing tulles, sensual satins, and bouquets of floral lace have their fairy tale prettiness toughened up by flashes of vintage-style denim and glossy black PVC. Ice cream-worthy shades of sky blue, princess pink, cherry red, and pure white look good enough to eat, finished off with a celestial sprinkle of silver.

Key design features such as balconette shapes and push-up boning are adorned with details like pompoms, candy stripes, playful side-clasps and berry and cherry motifs. Gleaming glass slippers have been reimagined as sparkling crystals and sequins that twinkle on straps and trims.


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