Inviting Maison Matisse for this first collaboration, Guerlain is celebrating the art of happiness with a tribute to the master of colors.

January 20, 2023


Inspired by two of the artist’s paintings that themselves become full-fledge artworks, Guerlain x Maison Matisse limited-edition collaboration pursues its Exceptional Creations series, reprising and deepening support for contemporary artists and artisans by commissioning precious numbered limited-edition designs.

A born painter of happiness and sublime master of color, Henri Matisse was one of the greatest artistic minds of the 20th century. Today, Guerlain collaborates with Maison Matisse – an institution founded by one of the painter’s great-grandsons, Jean-Matthieu Matisse – to celebrate the art of happiness.

The Maison Matisse edition of the Bee Bottle is entirely decorated with emblematic motifs inspired by La Musique, a painting done by Matisse in 1939. Just fourteen unique hand-painted signed and numbered bottles contain the Couleur Bonheur extrait de parfum, a fragrance whose olfactory notes are as sunny as the artist’s palette, a fruity chypre composition vibrant with color. As the iconic Bee Bottle fetes its 170th anniversary in 2023, this creation is an ode to painting, music and perfumery.

Jasmin Bonheur reveals a vibrantly colorful jasmine, tinted with joyful hues – from the radiant orange apricot notes to the vibrant purple of iris and soft rose pink – in a precious limited-edition work of art that evokes Henri Matisse’s brilliant palette. Inspired the painter’s masterpiece Les Mille et Une Nuits, the  precious Jasmin Bonheur Maison Matisse is transformed by a decorative plate atop the cap and the colorful adornment of the case. Hearts, jasmine flowers and leaves are interpreted in a vibrant palette of fuchsia pink, lemon yellow, sunny orange, emerald green, Mediterranean blue and joyful red. This olfactory canvas brings the fragrance to life in a celebration of jasmine and will remain as part of the L’Art & La Matière collection.

The limited-edition counts just 1,000 pieces worldwide. The collection also includes the Figue Azure scented candle, evoking a stroll in the shade of Mediterranean fig trees, in a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

Discover the collection here.


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