Entitled 'Eternal Gold,' it is the first fine jewelry line made with 100% certified recycled gold by a global luxury brand.

October 19, 2022


Featuring archetypal shapes—hearts, snakes, chains—rendered smooth and minimalist, the Prada recycled fine jewelry collection has a fresh, contemporary feel. Also present in the design lexicon is the Prada logo triangle, which appears as an oversized earring on its own, and as an accent on chain links, hoops, and snake heads. In the campaign, poet Amanda Gorman, actor Maya Hawke, and musician Jeon Somi—all rising stars in their early 20s who represent the optimism of the next generation—model standout pieces.

In addition to being made from certified recycled gold, each item in the collection will be fully traceable, thanks to blockchain technology. Anyone who buys, say, a pair of hoop earrings, will be able to log into the Aura Blockchain Consortium (a platform founded by LVMH, Prada Group, and Cartier last year with the goal of increasing transparency in the luxury sector) to look up the provenance of every aspect of their purchase. And should those same earrings be handed down to a grandchild or resold 50 years down the line, their new owner will be able to verify their authenticity using the same platform.

As Prada succinctly puts it, “this radical transparency on origins, sourcing, and production chains gives a modern consciousness to fine jewelry, shifting outdated industry standards to mirror societal change.” Like the house’s push to switch all of their nylon to recycled nylon, this collection signifies a forward-thinking, responsible approach to luxury—and one that will surely appeal to fans of Prada’s innovative, enigmatic aesthetic.


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