forte_forte loves Mul Olga: the new upcycling capsule retrieves a tradition steeped in history from Ukraine.

July 18, 2022


The forte_forte Loves Mul Olga collection is a journey to discover the wonders of a noble land, enshrined in the history of centuries– old fabrics and in the exquisite and meaningful details that imbue each garment with culture and elegance.

This new project embraces the value and heritage of textiles and garments from the archives, lovingly reclaimed and sewn by expert hands, bringing their memory back to life in an enlightened way, rich in handcraf ted details and sophisticated finishes, drawing on treasured and varied hand–embroidery techniques.

Fabrics made of linen and hemp were craf ted on hand looms between the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, with raw materials sourced directly from the regions of ukraine, while cot ton was produced between 1945 and 1955.

“The secrets of this time–honoured craft have been handed down by the masters from generation to generation, since the very early days when each thread was dyed naturally using readily available raw materials such as the bark or roots of a tree, the leaves of a plant and its flowers, then boiled in a rye solution to prevent it from losing its color for decades. every shape and ornament hints at local traditions, which attribute protective, magical and spiritual proper ties to the fabric: a valued garment to be worn like a sacred amulet,” explained Olga Mul.

The collection consists of dif ferent garments: dresses transformed into duster coats with elegant fringes, tops, embroidered shirts worn as dresses, bi–color pareo skirts with lace details and multi–colored rope. Every piece is unique and special, distinguished by the singularity of its embroidery, rendering it exclusive and precious.

Each decoration becomes a symbol through which we can touch the history and culture of every corner of the country.


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