Christian Dior has made makeup an art, and is now revealing the science of makeup removal.

June 10, 2022


Following on from La Mousse Off/On, the House is now launching the Christian Dior Nymphea cleanser and makeup removal line: Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, Micellar Water and Cleansing Milk. A palette of complementary makeup removers, composed of more than 96% natural-origin ingredients,  reinvents this essential step and makes double cleansing easy.

An unprecedented formulation process based on the purifying powers of french water lily extract from the new Dior latour-marliac garden. Three formulas enriched with skincare ingredients provide three exceptional textures to mix & match for different skin types, makeup types and moods.

“I am very proud to introduce our new makeup removers. Each product is really effective, and above all, respects the skin. The best way to take off your makeup is to use our dior water lily makeup remover range,” said Peter philips, creative and image director for dior make-up in order to limit the harmful effects of urban life and heavy metals on the skin, it is fundamental to eliminate the impurities accumulated on a daily basis, but also to preserve the barrier function. A new vision of makeup removal lies at the heart of the off/on cleansing protocol.

Dior has long been interested in plants’ aptitude for resilience. Among them, the water lily, descended from the world’s first flower, is able to neutralize impurities, including heavy metals, in order to detoxify water and its surrounding life forms. On contact with pollution particles, the water lily traps heavy metals to better evacuate them. This action is known as chelation.

Water that encourages hydration, a creamy nourishing lotion and a gentle bi-phase formula. Dior enhances the off/on cleansing protocol with three formulas that combine high performance and extreme skincare.

Three formulas, three textures and three steps, reinvented for different skin types, different makeup and different routines. For renewed pleasure every day.


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