In 2022, Gucci presents its second high watchmaking collection at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva.

April 4, 2022


The mood of this kaleidoscopic Gucci 2022 High Watchmaking collection is inspired by a magical fairground, where the most refined watchmaking complications appear alongside rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders.

Entering this enchanted universe is like being catapulted onto a thrilling series of roller-coaster rides. Three new Gucci-designed watch movements are revealed: 25H Skeleton Tourbillon, G-Timeless, and Grip Sapphire.

With its impossibly sleek, 8mm-thick case and captivating see-through dial, the 25H Skeleton Tourbillon arrives with a new Gucci exclusive caliber flying tourbillon. With skeleton hands adding a subtle layering effect, the watch  is a feat of craft, style, and extraordinary skill, announced by a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock.

A pioneering addition to the high watchmaking genre, with its halo of 12 princess-set gemstones circling the dial, the G-Timeless Planetarium shines a precious light on time’s ever-changing view. Gucci takes the carnival of time to the skies with the G-Timeless Moonlight. On the dial, a beautifully decorated moon waxes from gleaming sliver crescent to pearlescent whole before beginning its celestial journey all over again. In 2022, Gucci presents new diamond-set additions to its family of G-Timeless Dancing Bees tourbillon timepieces. In homage to historical en-tremblant jewelry styles, where jewels were exquisitely engineered to move in rhythm with the wearer, 12 bees shimmer around the diamond-set dial as the wrist moves.

Gucci adds two vivid mint green variations to its signature Grip Sapphire mechanical collection. The transparent, cushion-shaped watch case is expertly cut from a cylinder of pure sapphire crystal using a specialist machine. The case is then polished to pristine transparency.


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